DKT's Partner Clinic model is a network of high-quality Medium, GYN/OBS, and MCH Clinics that provide family planning and reproductive health services.


Network members adhere to DKT Ethiopia's rigorous quality and transparency standards.


Clinics offer...

The Young Marketers Project

Young Marketers (YM) is DKT Ethiopia’s activity using youth clubs to sell condoms to non-traditional outlets - bars, kiosks, pensions, hotels, and supermarkets - across Ethiopia.


In YM, DKT Ethiopia sells condoms to participating clubs, which resell them on a commission basis in their...

Higher Education Initiative (Temarinet)

The Higher Education Initiative (HEI) is DKT/E's set of sexual and reproductive health activities targeting university students in Ethiopia.


Launched in 2009, HEI is DKT/E's response to university students' heightened vulnerability to HIV and unwanted pregnancy.



DKT/E Training at Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

DKT/E's Training Department conducts nationwide trainings covering current and new DKT/E products, social marketing, and HIV-prevention and family planning.


The department is frequently tapped to train providers when DKT/E roles out a new product.


The department also responds to...