Bid for Fleet Management & Tracking System (GPS) Services

Cover Letter: 

DKT Ethiopia (DKT/E) is looking for a qualified Fleet Management Consultant to perform fleet management consulting services for its national sales distribution project in Ethiopia. DKT/E has over 60 vehicles for the distribution of products throughout the nation. DKT/E is proposing to enhance its national distribution of contraceptives and other health commodities’ distribution system by employing a GPS-enabled fleet tracking system. The essential components needed are:

1. Review of DKT/E’s current GPS tracking system and devices
2. Fleet management software
3. Identify problems and gaps of DKT/E’s current GPS fleet management system and provide service, including giving training for DKT/E staff on the use of the system.
The successful firm must demonstrate technical competence and past experience in proven management skills and technical expertise in analyzing all aspects of fleet management and vehicle utilization.
Bidders may be required to provide a sample and installation of Fleet Management Real Time Global Positioning System equipment.
Bidders shall obtain all permits required to complete the work per the specifications. Bidder should clearly specify their time line to complete the task.
All bidders must submit separately their technical and financial proposals. All bids shall be submitted in sealed and clearly labeled with the name of the bidder, bidders’ address and referring Bid for Fleet Management & Tracking System (GPS) services.

In the financial proposal bidders must clearly state the pricing of their services per vehicle
All bid documents must be submitted by January 31, 2019 close of business. Any documents reaching later than this will be rejected.

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