Training to Enhance Social Marketing

DKT/E's Training Department conducts nationwide trainings covering current and new DKT/E products, social marketing, and HIV-prevention and family planning.


The department is frequently tapped to train providers when DKT/E roles out a new product.


The department also responds to requests from GoE and other partners for training in HIV and family planning.



Project Justification

DKT/E's Training Department has been active since 1990, filling gaps in pharmaceutical and clinical provider capacity across the country. The department has been particularly active in recent years as DKT/E has rolled out long-term contraceptive methods - IUCDs and implants - as well as medical and manual abortion, all of which require more in-depth training.




From 2010 - 2013, DKT/E's Training Department trained 21,738 individuals across Ethiopia, as follows:


Training Outputs, 2010 - 2013:

Year Male Female Total
2010 1,838 1,241 3,079
2011 3,917 2,269 6,146
2012 5,455 2,881 8,336
2013 2,623 1,554 4,177



Says Andrew Piller, DKT/E's Director, "Our reach through training is long-term and significant."


"It's one of our key ways to ensure end-users are using products correctly and consistently."


DKT/E has undertaken a range of interesting trainings over the year, including recently training 120 Ethiopian Orthodox Priests in HIV-prevention and family planning, held at the Patriarchite. DKT/E has also trained staff at the National Palace and is a regular training partner for the Ministry of National Defense.


Currently, DKT/E is the sole HIV-prevention partner at the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, one of the largest and most high-profile projects in the country.



Contact Dr. Mahbub Ali, DKT/E's Training Coordinator to learn more or request a training.