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Day in the Life of a Sales Officer at DKT Ethiopia

DKT Ethiopia began nearly 35 years ago as one of DKT’s first intiatives and has grown to become a key player in building the country’s.  It is the largest supplier of reproductive health products to the private sector in the country — generating more than

South-South financing – The case of DKT do Brasil

A serendipitous outgrowth of social marketing When Phil Harvey started DKT International in 1989, he did not foresee surplus revenues from countries like Brasil and the Philippines one day being used to seed family planning programs in Ghana and Mozambique. But that’s exactly what has

DKT Ethiopia delivers – 30 years, 43m CYP

30 years, 43m couple years protection later, social marketing leader continues to thrive Reliable. The first core value in DKT Ethiopia’s 2015-19 Strategic Plan is an appropriate encapsulation of the organization’s 30 year history in Ethiopia. Starting with a single product, Hiwot Trust condoms, in 1989, DKT

Pillars of social marketing

Social marketing is the application of commercial principles and practices to sell socially beneficial goods that are not sustainable by commercial distribution alone. Social marketing generates revenue on a sliding scale based on overall economic development and donor subsidy makes up any gap. DKT Ethiopia

Partner clinic network reaches 100 members

DKT’s Partner Clinic network reached the 100-member mark in July 2018, a milestone outlined in the organization’s grant with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). “Having 100 high-quality partners across Ethiopia means we have viable service points for comprehensive family planning and reproductive health

Digital sales recordkeeping paying dividends for DKT

One of the great distinctions of social marketing is the volume of sales data generated. Years and even decades of transaction history are available to help program managers refine existing product offerings and plan for the next generation of products to meet consumer needs. DKT

L4HEWs – The key to LARC growth?

Could experienced Health Extension Workers (L4HEWs) be the key to catalysing uptake of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) in Ethiopia? An 8-month pilot conducted at 52 health posts in four regions in 2016-17 suggests that L4HEWs have the ability to effectively provide LARC insertion and removal