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DKT Ethiopia delivers – 30 years, 43m CYP

30 years, 43m couple years protection later, social marketing leader continues to thrive


The first core value in DKT Ethiopia’s 2015-19 Strategic Plan is an appropriate encapsulation of the organization’s 30 year history in Ethiopia.

Starting with a single product, Hiwot Trust condoms, in 1989, DKT Ethiopia now boasts a robust family planning and reproductive health portfolio that routinely reaches 16,000 clinics and pharmacies across the country.

Through multiple funding cycles, HIV’s emergence and control, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) period, and other macro-developments, DKT has managed to expand its project and product offerings.

“DKT Ethiopia now accounts for approximately one third of all couple years protection (CYP) in the country,” says Rory Harrington, DKT Ethiopia’s Country Director since 2014.

“We are the key conduit for family planning and reproductive health products to the private sector.”

The journey has not been without its challenges.

“Like any importer, we face hard currency shortages,” says Mr. Harrington.

“But our commitment to Ethiopia’s women and children coupled with strong support from the Government and donors has allowed us to carve out a viable niche in the private sector.”