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DKT pilots clinic partnership in Addis Ababa

DKT commenced a pilot clinic partnership model with five (5) private clinics in Addis Ababa in April 2015.

The pilot, which entails preferential pricing, technical assistance, and monitoring from DKT’s side and product exclusivity and adherence to rigorous FMoH quality standards on clinics’ side, has proven fruitful in generating awareness of and demand for IUCDs and medication abortion (MA) products.

DKT hopes to expand the activity in the coming six (6) months to reach 35 clinics, primarily in Addis Ababa, by 2017.

Unlike classic franchise or owner-operator models, DKT’s partnership model ensures DKT and clinics each remain focused on the tasks for which they are best suited – product distribution and promotion in the case of DKT and service delivery for clinics.

“We’re very pleased with the clinic pilot so far,” says Dagnachew Alemayehu, National Key Accounts Manager for DKT Ethiopia.

“In four (4) months, partner clinics delivered 1,861 CYP and 629 individuals adopted FP for the first time.”
“Our pilot was also substantially oversubscribed, which is a good indicator of the value of the pilot to clinics.”
The need for a concentrated LARC and abortion-services activity in Ethiopia is evident: IUCDs currently comprise less than 2% of the modern contraceptive method mix and an estimated 10 – 15% of Ethiopian women of reproductive age are aware of MA[1]. As a result, Ethiopia’s maternal mortality ratio (MMR), though declining, remains high at 420 per 100,000 live births. An estimated 10,000 women die every year from maternal causes.
Ethiopia also continues to expend scarce resources on cost-intensive contraceptives like implant s that cost as much as 10 times the cost of IUCDs.
Contact Dagnachew Alemayehu for more information.

1. DKT Internal Research