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DKT secures $17.0m grant from the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

DKT successfully secured $17.0 million over four (4) years in a grant from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in the third quarter of 2015.

The funding will be used to support DKT’s nationwide social marketing activity, which currently reaches more than 13,000 private pharmaceutical and clinical outlets across the country with the routine distribution of DKT’s nationally recognized family planning and reproductive health products.

Funding will also be used to sustain the organization’s targeted projects, which reach high-value audiences with HIV-prevention and family planning messaging and product delivery.

The renewed grant follows nearly ten (10) years of support from EKN for DKT’s social marketing work.

“We are extremely grateful to The Netherlands Embassy and the Dutch people for their support of this work,” says Rory Harrington, DKT Ethiopia’s Country Director.

“EKN should be acknowledged as a pioneer and contributor to some of the tremendous public health impacts we’ve observed in Ethiopia in recent years.”

Contact Fitih Tola for more information.