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GERD-P – keeping workers and community safe at Ethiopia’s historic dam site

When Police snatched a 1-0 friendly from METEC in December at the soccer pitch at the GERD-P compound, more was at stake than bragging rights at Ethiopia’s historic dam site.

“We use football as a way to increase vigilance and protective behavior around HIV and STIs,” says Yenenesh Tarekegn, DKT Ethiopia’s Focal Representative for GERD-P.

“This is doubly important at a site like GERD-P, where workers are away from family and community.”

“The historical significance of GERD-P adds an additional level of excitement, energy, and pressure, which necessitates further intervention.”

Condom sales at Bamza Town coffee shop

DKT’s collaboration with Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) at GERD-P dates back to 2012 and includes interventions like condom distribution, peer education, and events.

It also includes interventions with the community at nearby Bamza Town.

“We look forward to assisting EEP until the completion of GERD-P,” says Dagmawit Girmay, DKT Ethiopia’s Deputy Director.

“After that, we will be ready for the next generation of projects Ethiopia is using to develop the country.”