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Female Condom

Female Condoms

Female condoms are sheaths, or linings, that fit inside a woman’s vagina. They have flexible rings on both ends. One ring has an open end and sits outside the vagina. The other ring is placed inside the vagina. Rings help stabilize the female condom during intercourse and prevent slippage. The outer ring is open for the penis to be inserted into while the inner ring is closed off (the inner ring also creates additional pleasure for the female). The female condom is made of thin, transparent, soft, lubricated plastic film. It has a soft, moist texture that provides some users with a more “natural” feel than male latex condoms.


Effectiveness depends on the user: The risk of pregnancy or STIs is greatest when female condoms are not used correctly and in every act of sex. When used correctly and with every act of sex, female condoms are 95% effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs.

Health Benefits

The female condom protects against:

  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • STIs, including HIV

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The female condom cannot get lost in a woman’s body.

The female condom is not difficult to use. As with the male condom, users should follow instructions on the packaging to ensure they use the female condom correctly.

Absolutely. Female condoms are preferred by some couples as their means of preventing pregnancy.