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Sensation Xtra makes mark across Ethiopia

Sensation Xtra, DKT’s new brand extension, is now available in outlets throughout Ethiopia.

“We introduced Sensation Xtra nationally in early September and it’s now available in all regions,” says Negussie GebreTsadik, DKT Ethiopia’s National Operations Director.

“We’re excited to continue the success of Sensation while giving the brand a fresh look and feel.”

Sensation Xtra replaces the previous Sensation line. Sensation Xtra includes Cinammon, Coffee and Delay variants. In a first for DKT Ethiopia, Sensation Xtra Delay includes a mild benzocaine anaesthetic that dulls feeling and can slow ejaculation.

DKT also updated packaging and artwork for Sensation Ribbed to refresh the brand.

DKT has marketed the Sensation line of condoms since 2004. In September 2007, DKT introduced Sensation Coffee, a global first at the time that has gone on to become the organization’s second leading Sensation variant after Sensation Ribbed.

Some estimates put the total condom market in Africa to be around six billion condoms annually against a current distribution of approximately three million condoms.

Approximately 700 million condoms were distributed by social marketing projects in 29 sub-Saharan countries in 2017. Nearly 70% of these condoms were sold through private sector channels and the remainder was given away for free.

The ratio of SM condom distribution to total population was highest in Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa and lowest in Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger in 2017. In Swaziland, nine condoms were distributed per population through social marketing programs compared to .01 per population in Niger.

In addition to private sector and social marketing distribution, significant quantities of condoms are distributed through Government channels