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2015: another record year for DKT Ethiopia

DKT again pushed the bar higher for product sales and couple years protection (CYP) in 2015.

DKT’s national salesforce distributed 59 million condoms, 4 million cycles of oral contraceptive pills and 3.7 million injectable contraceptives, among other products, to Ethiopia’s 13,000+ pharmaceutical and clinical outlets as well as tens of thousands of non-traditional outlets like kiosks and supermarkets.

Put together, DKT’s distribution in 2015 was the best one-year total in the organization’s 26-year history in Ethiopia. It was also an increase of 688,000 CYP over 2014, ranking the office second among DKT International’s 22 programs in terms of CYP growth.

In the case of pills and injectables, over 90% of DKT’s distribution was to private pharmaceutical and clinical outlets, solidifying the organization’s position as the leading supplier of reproductive health commodities to the private sector in Ethiopia.

But it’s not just DKT’s numbers that are impressive.

“I am in touch with Tsige [DKT Saleswoman],” says a representative of Aster Pharmacy in Addis Ababa.

“She delivers as per my request and quickly.”

“DKT is a good partner.”

Pharmacist in Mekelle, Ethiopia

During the coming year, DKT will introduce several products that will expand the market for reproductive health and other products in the country. One exciting product is orange-flavored LemLem Plus, a combined ORS and zinc diarrhea treatment kit, which DKT’s in-house research shows are the preferred flavor of many Ethiopian consumers.