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Desta Gebrehiwot – media key to HIV and family planning responses in Ethiopia

Desta Gebrehiwot thinks the Ethiopian media must increase its reporting on HIV and family planning.

“Many papers lack journalists who are experts in the health sector,” says Desta, a Senior Reporter with The Ethiopian Herald and graduate of Addis Ababa University’s School of Journalism and Communication.

“Even journalists with the desire to write about HIV and family planning may not have the background or know how to frame the issues.”

“They also need editorial support.”

Desta, along with other leading Ethiopian journalists, has been a regular attendee at DKT’s Media Round Tables, quarterly gatherings of journalists to discuss HIV, family planning and other issues.

“The media is the critical bridge between Government mandate and public action,” says Fitih Tola, DKT Ethiopia’s Public Relations Officer.

“Journalists must tell the story that, while Ethiopia has made extraordinary progress, we must redouble our efforts to eradicate HIV and increase family planning.”

DKT will host its 9th Media Round Table in September.

Full audio of DKT’s interview with Desta will be available shortly on DKT’s website.